Ensure a Childproof Home with Baby Gates

Ensure a Childproof Home with Baby Gates

As parents, the safety of your baby should always be a top concern. Babies usually spend most of their time in the house so you have to guarantee that your child lives in a safe, secure home. One of the first things you need to do in childproofing your house is to consider certain factors that can possibly harm your baby.

Check whether the house has exposed electrical outlets and electrical cords that will get in your child’s way. Look for items that are potential choking hazards as well. Furthermore, you have to check if your furniture contains potentially harmful sharp edges. It is also wise to inspect items that are breakable in areas that you and your baby frequent the most.

As soon as you have examined all mentioned aspects, you may now proceed in taking all the required steps to prevent your baby from accessing them or going near them.

If you are a new parent and you have no experience with handling babies who have begun walking or crawling, you have to remember that kids learn fast enough and they can be motivated. Children are naturally curious and they will have this need to explore and check out anything they see or hear. Thus you have to make sure that you put away items that will interest your baby.

Babies often have a habit of putting objects in their mouth due to curiosity so you have to keep away items that are deemed unsafe for the baby. Keep them out of your baby’s way to avoid choking accidents.

While your baby grows, he or she will get tired of being confined in smaller spots. While allowing them to explore all parts of the house can be a tempting idea, it is always wise to prevent them from accessing certain parts of the house which can be risky for babies and toddlers. Make sure that you have one area where your child can get to explore and play. For this, you need the baby gate.

A baby gate can confine a child with ample room yet properly protected. Baby gates are also used to prevent children from accessing stairways. However to make sure that you will get an appropriate gate for the stairs, check the specifications first to determine whether the item is designed for the stairs. In addition, it is crucial to get a model that will prevent the child from achieving a foothold and climbing the gate.

Lastly, you have to secure cabinet doors that can be reached by children. You can use childproof locks and keep items that could harm your child into locked cabinets. Then again, one great way of childproofing your home and keeping children away from certain areas is using a baby gate. For more information about the item, the article below.

All About Baby Gates

You can begin childproofing your home using baby gates. This is a crucial item to have on hand if your baby is starting to crawl or walk. The item offers safety from falls or other sorts of mishaps by sectioning off particular areas in the house. You will see that there are many baby gates on the market these days. You have to guarantee though that you purchase the proper model for your specifications and requirements.

The pressure-mounted gate is the most common. This kind of baby gate necessitates the use of pressure to be fastened to the door frame as the name implies. One has to open the gate wide enough so it can be attached on the doorway. Be certain that the rubber-like segments that are located on the sides of the gate are pushed firmly against the frame of the door.

Pressure-mounted models are usually reasonably priced and they can be purchased in department stores or shops that sell baby items. However, this kind is not ideal to be positioned on the topmost part of the stairs since there is a chance that a bigger baby can shove the item out of its position since it is installed with pressure and not screws and bolts.

The hardware-mounted option, on the other hand, uses screws or bolts to fasten the gate to the door frame or wall, as the name suggests. Due to the hardware needed to mount the item, it is permanent. However, the hardware-mounted model provides more safety and security since it is fastened on the wall or door frame with bolts and screws. No baby or even adult can turn the gate.

Very broad baby gates are fitting for modern homes that have floor plans. If sectioning off a certain area of your home proves to be a challenge, this kind of gate may suit your home best. This kind of gate can turn into a self-supporting gated are which one can make use of indoors and outdoors. Wider gates can be transformed into a nice playpen for active, lively children.

It is crucial that you check out and test the item first before purchasing it by opening and closing the gate. This is to guarantee that you can mount and disassemble the gate without hassle. Examine the item well and check for potential hazards. The best baby gates for babies and toddlers is something that will make opening and closing it easy for adults but complicated for children.

Considerations When Buying Baby Gate

As mentioned before, baby gates come in two types: the pressure-mounted and the hardware-mounted. The pressure-mounted is fixed in positioned by a locking unit that does not necessitate drilling or putting holes into the door frame or wall. It is kept in position by making the bars use pressure against the frame of the door or wall where it is installed.

The hardware-mounted kind meanwhile is kept in position by means of screws, hence making it a somewhat permanent gate.

Here are other considerations that you have to take into account when looking for baby gates.

• If you want to relocate your baby gate, it is wise that you invest in a pressure-mounted model, not the hardware type since the latter requires it to be drilled in. Pressure-mounted gates are the most practical choice.

• Think about location. If you plan on positioning the unit on top of the staircase, it is ideal that you opt for the hardware model. The stairs is a risky place for children and other areas that have a higher chance of accidents like the fireplace or the kitchen require the use of a hardware-mounted model. In devising areas to mount the gate, you should mull over how the gate permits access throughout. Some gates slide open effortlessly while there are models that swing open. For sensible reasons, you do not need a gate that goes back and forth both ways on top of the stairway. You will also see models that can be opened using a foot pedal. This model is recommended if you frequently carry items with you as you walk into the house through the gate.

Considering this will also bring the subject of how you will get through the gate. This will be based on where you want to install it. For example, a swing gate or sliding gate that secures the top bar means you are required to use your hands to unlock it.

• The best baby gates come in a variety of materials. There are models that are made of wood while others are built with metal or plastic. The material that you choose also corresponds with the level of safety that you want. For instance, if you need a gate located on top of the stairs, something made with wood or metal will be more ideal to the spot since it is sturdy unlike plastic for example.

• You will also have to think about the design. The gate’s height must not be lower than the chest level of the child, roughly around 3/4 of the toddler. This will impede your child from climbing over the gates. Another thing to observe about a baby gate’s design is whether it has any level bars in which the child can put his or her toe or foot on and make the whole act of climbing the gate easier.

5 Best Baby Gates

We have discussed the workings of the baby gate, now it is time for some suggestions. The baby gates listed here are models that have gained plenty of positive feedback from users. Check each and every model and see whether these products have all of the attributes that you need in a good baby gate.

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Concerned over the safety of your toddler? Feel more secure and at ease by mounting Regalo’s East Step Walk Thru baby gate in your home. This baby gate sections off risky quarters of the house to prevent access from children and pets.

It can fit in the majority of doorways and features a walk-through design. This is a metal swing gate built of durable steel that can endure years of usage. It is lightweight and portable as well. The package includes a 6-inch extension to fit doorways appropriately and has a lever-style handle for a convenient single-touch release.


• Does not need any tools for installation
• Has a tall frame that’s effective for babies and toddlers
• Durable all-steel construction
• Package includes 6-inch extension
• Lightweight and portable


• Unit does not open in a two-way style

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Now you can childproof and add style to your house with the Summer Infant’s Multi-Use Deco Extra-Tall Walk-Thru Gate bronze model. It is an adjustable baby gate so it is capable of accommodating the majority of doors, openings, and stairways. The package also includes hardware to make installation more secure in whichever part of the home parents prefer.

It can be used on staircases and between rooms. Its fashionable bronze hue blends into the décor of your dwelling and its auto-close function and one-handed operation makes things more convenient and simpler.


• Includes hardware and pressure mounts
• Can be used on doors, openings and stairs
• Includes extensions
• Made in the US


• Customers complained that its automatic closure function stopped working
• Clothing can get wedged into its catch-mechanism rod

Regalo Home Accents Steel and Hardwood Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Now that your toddler can walk, it is best if you childproof your home so certain areas will be safe for your kid. The baby gate is a must for families with toddlers. If you are on the lookout for a stylish gate that will suit your home’s interiors, the Regalo Home Accents Steel and Hardwood Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a model that you should check out.

It will enhance your home while at the same time, making certain places safer for your toddler. The gate has a black steel frame with cherry wood accents and stands at 38 inches. It is easy to set up and adjustable to boot so it can be installed in door openings between 29 and 44 inches.


• Pressure-mount model for easy assembly
• Features walk-through design
• Extends to suit openings ranging from 29 to 44 inches
• Includes easy-close handle
• Certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association


• Only has one color wood available

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

The 192-Inch model from Regalo aims to protect your child and make them feel secure while at play every time you need to leave the room to work on other duties. It is capable of enclosing 19 square feet of space and can be assembled into a selection of sizes and shapes as a separate frame and also used as a stair barrier, fireplace barrier and more. It is composed of 8 panels linked by mounting hardware together and its lightweight structure is ideal for setting up inside or outside your home.

It is also a PVC-free design with smooth bars to provide parents extra confidence that babies and young children will play in complete safety. The package includes all needed hardware for installation and meets all current safety standards.


  • Convenient
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Reasonably priced


  • Several customers feel the model will be better with a neutral color

North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate

North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate with self-closing feature is a 29 inch gate made from metal material with extensions that can extend up to 38.5 inches. It does not require assembly as well due to the extending tension knobs that carry the gate secure in position. The triple locking system of the unit can also be accessed with just one hand for added convenience.

Customers who have used the unit agreed that the gate is strong, durable and employs a nifty locking function with 2 settings. One setting entails only raising the gate in order to open it while the other entails rotating the lock for additional security.


• A convenient model since it can be operated with just one hand
• Convenient
• Affordable price


• There were customers who complained that the baby gate can be a tad noisy


The use of baby gates has been recommended by experts for purposes of childproofing. It is wise that every parent think about investing in one, especially if they cannot keep an eye on their kid every waking minute. Baby gates come in two types which will suit every parent’s specifications and needs. If they do not want any drill marks on the doorframe or wall, they can opt for pressure-mounted models.

For sturdier gates, parents can use hardware-mounted ones. It is the duty of parents to be responsible and make safety a top priority for their children, particularly if they have a toddler who is just learning how to crawl or walk. You can start childproofing the home using the best baby gates that the industry can provide.

Baby gates can be found anywhere, from department stores to internet stores. You can peruse reviews online if you want to know what other people say about certain brands or models. But if you have the time, stop by at a brick and mortar store that specializes in baby products and look at how the baby gate closes and opens, inspect whether they are up to speed. If you want to buy online, reading customer comments about the product is definitely a sensible idea.