All About Pressure-Mounted and Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates

All About Pressure-Mounted and Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates

Babies need constant supervision especially if they are trying to learn how to crawl and walk. They are capable of accessing more locations than you might think, and plenty of these spots can pose real danger to a child. Areas like the stairs and the kitchen are hotbeds for accidents so it is crucial that you childproof your home. One great way to childproof your home is to use baby gates.

The baby gate blocks children’s access to dangerous areas of the home. These gates can be mounted momentarily or semi-permanently, based on the model. The gate stretches all over the doorway or between 2 walls. It creates a wall that will block toddlers from going inside the protected area. These gates are usually approximately 30 inches high however you can look at taller models.

The gate is often adjustable so it can keep up with the growth of the toddler. Taller gates like those that are roughly 4 feet high often include a door that older individuals can get through but cannot be accessed by a child.

Parents might want to get a baby gate that provides more space for children to crawl in or a gate that prevents access to particular locations. Purchasing a gate will be based on the total amount of vulnerable items that are that kept around the house or if the home includes staircases. Several known brands like Kidco manufacture quality, dependable baby gates that are versatile and provide ample protection. These gates can be employed in any place around the house.

There are two types of baby gates: the pressure-mounted gate and the hardware-mounted.


The pressure-mounted gate is made up of two components. The spring or any kind of tensioner compresses the two components of the gate to the wall. This setup typically functions well but can be pulled down or knocked over by a bigger child. A pressure-mounted gate can section off areas on the same floor, however, even models with a good design will eventually slacken over time.

A playful child could break them so it is better if this kind of gate is not used for stairs. These gates are usually accompanied by a warning that notifies parents of this risk, however, several individuals are working on having this warning taken off on a number of gates that pass a particular pressure rating.


The hardware-mounted kind is fastened straight into the wall using mounting brackets. This kind of baby gate often includes a door so adults can pass through. They are manufactured in a way that the whole assembly can be easily disengaged if required.

The gate will only swing open in a single direction which is important if you plan on installing the gate on the stairs. Even though the majority of these gates are composed of wooden material, plenty of models are also crafted from aluminum and iron.

Back in the day, the accordion gate was used by many parents to protect their children from certain areas around the house. They feature two lengthy segments of wood and have diamond shaped openings. They were used until the mid-80s until parents complained about safety issues. Companies stopped manufacturing the gate and eventually created new, safer designs.

Baby gates for kids are one of the most important items that parents can provide their child and the home. They can safeguard children from domestic dangers and it also lets parents do their own thing around the house from cooking to household chores without needing to constantly keep an eye.

Children are playful, curious creatures so they are always discovering and exploring new things and activities. It is the parents’ duty to guarantee that their kids are safe at all times and make the home childproof.

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