Best Baby Gate for Doorways

Best Baby Gate for Doorways

Only when your little one starts to crawl and walk on his own, are you fully able to understand the dangers in your house which are hiding in plain sight. Nowhere is out of reach of your energetic baby and hence, nowhere is safe.

From kitchens to fireplaces, indoors to outdoors, everything is a ticking time bomb, that is, unless you get your home baby-proofed.

The most important devices to make your home baby proof are baby gates. These small, easy to install gates fit in between doorways to make a small gate over which your baby can’t pass, hence, effectively reducing the risk of your baby simply walking into dangerous places.

The best baby gates

The best baby gate needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy enough to support the weight of your baby
  • Price
  • Quality of material

Where ease of installation is concerned, there is one dilemma. There are two types of baby gates based on their ease of installation. Pressure-mounted gates, though easy to install, might fall off if the baby applies too much weight onto it. In contrast, hardware-mounted gates are very sturdy, but it is very hard to install and uninstall them.

Keeping this mind, let’s see which baby gates are the best for you

Summer Infant Deco Baby Gate

The Summer Infant Deco Baby Gate, while proving worthy in the safety department also keeps style in mind.  The gate is a pressure-mounted baby gate that fits in most doorways. With two steel columns fitting on the side of the doorway, the gate, despite being pressure mounted, is very sturdy. The main entrance is a hinged dome shaped gate that is easy to access.

The gate looks beautiful with its brilliant bronze finish, but you can also purchase the beige variant if you desire. The material of the gate is also sturdy, and it doesn’t break easily, even under great pressure.  You can purchase a bigger sized gate of the same model for wider sized, or double doorways.

The only thing that lets this baby gate down is the space it gives to pass. While passing alone is quite easy, carrying something through this gate is very difficult as the gate is too narrow. If you are a big sized person, this gate probably isn’t for you.


  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful bronze finish
  • Bigger size also available for wider doorways
  • No assembly required


Small sized pass through


If your plan is to install a baby gate where you have to constantly carry bigger objects, this is not your gate. Also not ideal for bigger sized people. For every other use, this gate is ideal.

Cardinal “Auto Lock” Baby Gate

This baby gate boasts of being able to hold a charging rhino if it were to pass through. Due to its hardware nature of mounting, strength and durability is given with this baby gate. The looks are simple. One simple white baby gate. Nothing too flashy or baby-like.  The gate also gives huge space to go through, so it is suitable for all sizes of people.  The only drawback of this gate is that since it is hardware styled. The price may also be bothersome for some people.


  • Very sturdy
  • Good pass space


  • Hard to install
  • Somewhat pricey

North States Supergate “Easy Close” Metal Gate

This one’s perhaps the best baby gate out there. It is a pressure-mounted baby gate that requires no assembly of fixing. Despite being a pressure mounted gate, it can take large pressures without effort.  The looks of the gate are great too. Available in two variants, white or bronze, the color of the gate will easily match the two most common colors of doors—white and brown.

Despite having supports on the sides, it still gives enough room in the middle for larger objects to pass through, though the room is not as huge as the hardware baby gate above.

One great feature of the gate is open locking. While you have to open and close most baby gates over and over, you can lock this gate open at 90°.


  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Open locking function


  • Not suitable for staircases
  • May leave pressure marks on walls


For most doors, pressure mounted baby gates are the best option. However, if one door sees more and rougher usage throughout the day, it is better to go for a hardware mount.

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