Baby Doors for Ultimate Safety: Put Together the Right Baby Gate Plan

Baby Doors for Ultimate Safety Put Together the Right Baby Gate Plan

Once a toddler is up and about, a parent needs to be concerned about one thing that is safety. It is important to set up an effective baby gate plan, especially if you feel that the child has easy access to the staircases or a space where it is easy for the child to wander off.

Being an encouraging parent

Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing experiences on Earth. Every moment is precious, and you wish to preserve every moment with the child. The most trying phase for the parent is when the child starts to walk; that is the toddler stage. It is wonderful, and you must help your child at every step and encourage

  • A sense of independence
  • A want to explore
  • The levels of curiosity
  • Exercise and mobility
  • Overall development

Being a cautious parent

The toddler stage is when your “radar” needs to spring up. This is the stage when you starts baby proofing the house or familiar surroundings. This includes things like keeping glass or sharp objects out of reach, preventing access to electric points, doors and the stairs. Even though this stage is the most enjoyable, the child is usually up to some kind of mischief due to their innate curiosity.

Fencing the stairs

The fear of every parent, once the child is mobile, is that the child will try and make progress by advancing towards the stairs. A child is incapable of mastering the safety associated with stairs until they are around three years old. The best option would be to install a baby gate to maintain your peace of mind.

The baby gate

The baby gate is an ingenious device that prevents the child from tumbling down stairs, or entering areas where there is no fixed door.  It is like an automatic guard that will ensure the child stays exactly where they are. It is easy to install, and should be of a height which the toddler cannot climb over. With a simple locking system for adults, it is complicated enough so that the child cannot unlock it.

Strategizing the locations

Setting up a baby gate is not a mammoth task, however, like most things in life, a bit of initial planning is required to get ahead with the task. The first task would be to identify the places where the baby gate needs to be set up.

If installing to prevent access to the stairs, you need to ensure that you get a set for the flight—installing them at the top and the bottom, unless you have a model you can transport to each level of your house.

Where to get them

Baby gates are easily available at

  • Children’s supplies store
  • An online portal where children’s accessories are sold

You can choose among various models for yourself when you visit a store, or virtually chose one online; you should be able to exchange it if you are not happy with the product. There are many options that you may choose from, depending on your need and comfort.

The look

The look and material that you choose for your baby gate is also essential as part of the planning stage. Since it is more or less going to be a constant in your life for a while, it should suit your aesthetic needs as well. You can choose from wooden finishes, wired meshes or hard plastic.

The standard baby gate would be about 30” to about 40” in width. You can choose the way that the gate opens; it may be applying a certain amount of pressure in order to open or close it, or using a manual lock system to maneuver the gates. Baby gates usually swing out instead of opening in.

How to mount it

Ideally, when you install a baby gate, you will need a drill to make holes in the wood or wall to affix the screws. This method will ensure that the baby gate remains sturdy and lasts for a longer period of time. Test each gate by opening and closing it several times. To ensure the highest level of safety, push the gate with a moderately heavy object to test whether the gate snaps open on such pressure.

Be a safe parent.

Understanding the Safest Abodes for Toddlers: Baby Gate Ratings for 2016

Understanding the Safest Abodes for Toddlers Baby Gate Ratings for 2016

The safety of your tot is every parent’s number-one priority. Let’s look at some baby gates and their ratings so that you will be armed with information when you go to purchase the best baby gate for your child.

What are baby gates?

Child safety gates are parenting tools that can make the entire affair as easy as your child’s mischief.  These are basically puny, yet sturdy barriers that protect babies from unforeseen accidents. Baby gates find their primary use at the top and bottom of a flight of stairs, or near slight elevations around the room.

Here’s a compilation that will guide you through what you need to know about the best baby gate for your little one.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

This baby gate has an admirable rate of popularity on most shopping websites. The primary features of this multi-use baby gate are as follows:

  • A strong metal body with non-corrosive bronze metal finish
  • The gate is as tall as 36 inches with 28”- 48” wide made-to-fit openings
  • A detachable door stopper that allows the gate to be safely closed from the top of staircases
  • A dual locking system with an automatic walk-through that can be closed

The best part about this baby gate is how tall and protective it is. Besides that, the metal body makes it extra strong and secure for slightly mischievous toddlers.

Amazon Rating: 4.5 /5

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

This walk-through baby gate is easy to operate and unbelievably strong. Specially designed for hallways, staircases, and doorways, this barrier provides super support if provided with wall cups. It has been pressure mounted and allows easy installation and removal.  Here are some features that set it apart from other walk-through gates for toddlers:

  • The locking system with a lever-style handle that operates at a one touch release is dynamic and makes walking through and out easier, yet safe
  • This product comes with spare extensions that can easily be purchased for further development and customization
  • This product has been certified for safety by the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association and can be trusted by parents without any hesitation
  • The wall cups are not only super supportive on staircases and hallways but are also super safe and provide additional security

This baby gate has been designed by investing a lot of attention to details. It is relatively advanced in its mechanisms and is well suited for every modern home.

Amazon Rating: 4/5

Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate

This wooden baby gate is perfect for every busy parent as it has been designed for quick and easy installations.

  • The rubber bumpers will keep your baby safe and prevent any damage to your household
  • The locking bar is standard and also easy to install
  • The color of this wood gate is neutral which can blend in perfectly with your home décor

All in all, the Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate is simple, sophisticated, and serves its utility without a fuss.

Amazon Rating:3.5/5

Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafePlayard

This 6-panelled baby guard is a little playground for your tiny one all by itself.  It has gained many accolades and the highest baby gate ratings and is a bestselling baby gate on many online websites.

  • The material is plastic which makes it light, weatherproof, and easy to operate
  • A carry handle has been provided which makes it easy to transfer this baby gate from indoors to outdoors
  • The most impressive feature of this play yard is its huge area of 18.5 square feet. This is perfect if your tiny tot loves the company of friends and toys

Amazon Rating: 4/5.

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

The flexibility and versatility of this baby gate can win hearts.

  • There are eight configurable panels that can be removed and rejoined
  • The area encircled is a whopping 19 square feet
  • So prominent is its versatility that this secure baby gate might as well become an integral part of the furniture in your home.

Tall, easy to walk through with a safe locking system, there is nothing you wouldn’t love about this product.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5.


As much joy as the cackle of a young one brings to any household, the tantrums of a toddler can leave you exhausted. That’s where the loyal armor of the baby gate comes to your rescue.

Best Baby Gate for Doorways

Best Baby Gate for Doorways

Only when your little one starts to crawl and walk on his own, are you fully able to understand the dangers in your house which are hiding in plain sight. Nowhere is out of reach of your energetic baby and hence, nowhere is safe.

From kitchens to fireplaces, indoors to outdoors, everything is a ticking time bomb, that is, unless you get your home baby-proofed.

The most important devices to make your home baby proof are baby gates. These small, easy to install gates fit in between doorways to make a small gate over which your baby can’t pass, hence, effectively reducing the risk of your baby simply walking into dangerous places.

The best baby gates

The best baby gate needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy enough to support the weight of your baby
  • Price
  • Quality of material

Where ease of installation is concerned, there is one dilemma. There are two types of baby gates based on their ease of installation. Pressure-mounted gates, though easy to install, might fall off if the baby applies too much weight onto it. In contrast, hardware-mounted gates are very sturdy, but it is very hard to install and uninstall them.

Keeping this mind, let’s see which baby gates are the best for you

Summer Infant Deco Baby Gate

The Summer Infant Deco Baby Gate, while proving worthy in the safety department also keeps style in mind.  The gate is a pressure-mounted baby gate that fits in most doorways. With two steel columns fitting on the side of the doorway, the gate, despite being pressure mounted, is very sturdy. The main entrance is a hinged dome shaped gate that is easy to access.

The gate looks beautiful with its brilliant bronze finish, but you can also purchase the beige variant if you desire. The material of the gate is also sturdy, and it doesn’t break easily, even under great pressure.  You can purchase a bigger sized gate of the same model for wider sized, or double doorways.

The only thing that lets this baby gate down is the space it gives to pass. While passing alone is quite easy, carrying something through this gate is very difficult as the gate is too narrow. If you are a big sized person, this gate probably isn’t for you.


  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful bronze finish
  • Bigger size also available for wider doorways
  • No assembly required


Small sized pass through


If your plan is to install a baby gate where you have to constantly carry bigger objects, this is not your gate. Also not ideal for bigger sized people. For every other use, this gate is ideal.

Cardinal “Auto Lock” Baby Gate

This baby gate boasts of being able to hold a charging rhino if it were to pass through. Due to its hardware nature of mounting, strength and durability is given with this baby gate. The looks are simple. One simple white baby gate. Nothing too flashy or baby-like.  The gate also gives huge space to go through, so it is suitable for all sizes of people.  The only drawback of this gate is that since it is hardware styled. The price may also be bothersome for some people.


  • Very sturdy
  • Good pass space


  • Hard to install
  • Somewhat pricey

North States Supergate “Easy Close” Metal Gate

This one’s perhaps the best baby gate out there. It is a pressure-mounted baby gate that requires no assembly of fixing. Despite being a pressure mounted gate, it can take large pressures without effort.  The looks of the gate are great too. Available in two variants, white or bronze, the color of the gate will easily match the two most common colors of doors—white and brown.

Despite having supports on the sides, it still gives enough room in the middle for larger objects to pass through, though the room is not as huge as the hardware baby gate above.

One great feature of the gate is open locking. While you have to open and close most baby gates over and over, you can lock this gate open at 90°.


  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Open locking function


  • Not suitable for staircases
  • May leave pressure marks on walls


For most doors, pressure mounted baby gates are the best option. However, if one door sees more and rougher usage throughout the day, it is better to go for a hardware mount.

Best Pressure-Mounted Baby Gates on the Market

Best Pressure-Mounted Baby Gates on the Market

Each one of us nurtures our children in an environment of care and protection from the very beginning. For the lives of busy parents of the 21st century, the best pressure-mounted baby gates are mandatory defenses to keep our little ones as safe as the embrace of our arms.

The advantages of pressure-mounted gates

As safe as baby gates are for children, most of these products come with tiny units of screws and anchors that can be pretty dangerous in the territory of a mischievous toddler.

That’s where the pressure-mounted baby gates come to your rescue. Pressure mounting is a technique that doesn’t utilize screws and tiny parts that can be gobbled by your little one, thus rendering the baby gate absolutely safe.

Before heading out to the store, let’s scroll down to find out which is the best pressure-mounted baby gate available right now.

The North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate

A truly sophisticated child safety gate in its design and mechanism, this product has gained monumental popularity among parents on all shopping websites. The pressure mounting on this arch gate is fuss-free and requires no extra hardware. Some prominent features of this excellent baby product are:

  • A threefold locking system that can easily be operated by one hand
  • The openings can be adjusted to fit, and their width varies from 28.25”-38.25”
  • The “Hold Open” feature of this baby gate sets it apart from all other gates. It enables the gate to remain open for multiple entrances
  • The tension knobs that are used pressure mount this baby gate securely in place

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate

This metal baby gate is perfect for your munchkin. It is simple, yet strong, and its neutral color can perfectly complement your room’s ambiance. Let’s deconstruct the features of this baby gate one at a time:

  • The units are pressure fit but also included with extra hardware for additional safety
  • The steel power frame is sturdy and holds the gate in place without any wobble
  • The system of locking is twofold for security, but can easily be handled by one hand
  • The gate has standard dimensions of 29.5”-35” inches width and a length of 29.5”

Amazon Rating: 4/5

Carlson 44-Inch Extra Wide Walk-through Gate with Pet Door

This pressure-fit baby gate is a little world of happiness. The innovative addition of the pet door sets new standards in the realm of baby-proofing.  It is perfect for keeping your little one safe inside along with their trusted furry friends.

  • This product comes in three customized sizes that range up to extra wide dimensions of 34”
  • The body is all steel and durable, but the pressure mounting technique makes it super flexible
  • The added wall-pressure mounts take the product’s security to all new levels

The fact that it is chew proof, lead-free and non-toxic reflects that a lot of thought has gone into the making of this baby guard.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

This baby gate is elegant and can perfectly blend in with the interior of your home. The Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is perfect if your little one has recently started to walk.

  • It is impressively tall with a length of 38”
  • This pressure-mounted walk-through gate has a metal body with additional durable wooden parts and can be expanded to fit up to 44 inches
  • The fact that this baby barrier has been approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and certified for safety by the American Society for Testing and Materials is reason alone to purchase this product
  • The close handle with a safety lock feature is easy-to-operate and secure

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

This product has been provided with non-marring rubber bumpers that enhance security by manifolds.

  • Another interesting feature of this baby proofing product is its extra-large width with multiple entrances
  • Gate is constructed of metal and cloth
  • This gate is 27” tall, expands from 38” to 60” inches.
  • Unlike many baby gates, this product doesn’t require tools for fittings and can easily be pressure mounted

This soft pressure mounted baby gate is the one to purchase for the kid that is prone to bumping around walls. Besides this unique design, the non-marring rubber bumper is reason enough to purchase this baby gate.

Amazon Rating:4.5/5.

Best Walk-through Baby Gate to Maximize Safety and Minimize Unwanted Hassle

Best Walk-through Baby Gate to Maximize Safety and Minimize Unwanted Hassle

As soon as a baby starts to crawl, it is imperative to start baby proofing the nearest surroundings. If you feel that the baby has easy access to a flight of stairs, then setting your house with the apt baby gate is the only hassle-free device that will ensure your peace of mind.

Safety first

When a baby is on the move, they can be considered as one of the most chaos-causing living beings that exist. They become the lean, mean small roving machine. As a parent, you have to watch out for the next step put forward to prevent danger.

Although we would like to be around them at all times, it is not always practical to police and patrol. As an adult, it is wiser to think one step ahead and baby proofing the familiar surroundings. For example, if you live in a house that has flights of stairs. don’t even think twice before investing in good baby gate equipment.

So what is a baby gate?

A baby gate for an adult may look like a road block that slow your movement and urgency, but for a house that is home to a toddler, it is an ingenious device that prevents that most dangerous accidents from occurring.

They are mid-length gates that restrict a toddler’s movements, from one corner of the house to the other. It may sound like a glorified jail, however, it is the key to a parent’s peace of mind.

The various types of baby gates available for various needs

There are a variety of baby gates available, depending on the need of the adult and the areas around the house.

  • For the staircase
  • For wide spaces
  • According to height requirements
  • For a standard or regular door

Before making an investment

Purchasing a baby gate is a solid investment solely because it helps with maintaining the parent’s peace of mind. However, before making the purchase, you need to do the following:

  • Identify the areas where the baby gates need to be set up
  • Accordingly, decide on the type of baby gates that need to be fixed
  • Take measurements of the area where the baby gate needs to be set up
  • Choose a material that will last and one that will suit your home
  • Choose a product where the finishing will match with the rest of the furniture

The pressure-mounted baby gate

The pressure-mounted baby gate is very popular these days. To set up these baby gates, no screws or drilling is required. The rubber boards at the end form a sort of a vacuum that fuses the equipment with the wall.

These are quite sturdy and effective barriers, however, if not carefully assembled, they tend to fall over, and they also leave a rubber mark on the wall. These gates also work primarily on the amount of pressure that you would apply to open the gate.

They would be available in:

  • Baby gates opening inward
  • Baby gates opening outward
  • Baby gates automatically shutting after opening and use

The traditional baby gate

The traditional baby gate needs the equipment to be screwed into the wall. They are extremely sturdy and last for a longer duration. They are available in both manual as well as pressure-locking systems.

The retracting baby gate

Another type of baby gate that is available is the retracting baby gate. It works more like a sliding door. This is a manual system where the baby gate slides open or slides shut. When you install this system, it provides an extremely neat appearance.

The play pen

This typically looks like a little fence. All you are required to do is assemble this foldable equipment and lock the ends together. The child is placed in the area that is fenced. It is sturdy and does not tip over with the weight of the child. Moreover, it creates a large enough area for the child to play in and be occupied without having to wander off to another area.

The material is light and you can easily carry it from one place to another. If the locks are pressure locks, then the fence may be extended and used as a barricade to block access to wider areas.

How to Make Your Own Baby Gate

How to Make Your Own Baby Gate

With the joy of seeing your toddler walk or crawl on their own comes the problem of securing dangerous areas where they might wander. The job of baby proofing your home is no simple job.

Despite being small in size, babies are loaded with energy, and any mediocre barrier in their way of playful freedom may means nothing. The first step of baby proofing begins with installing baby gates to prevent accident from happening to your little one.

While most worried parents are scrambling around baby shops to purchase baby gates, most of them don’t realize that there are various methods of installing DIY baby gates around your house.

The biggest problem with manufactured baby gates is that it might be hard to find a baby gate that exactly fits into the space where you want it installed. A baby gate that fits a doorway will not fit the larger space at the entrance of a staircase, leave alone the fact that some homes have larger doorways. If your home has a double doorway, finding a ready-made baby gate becomes even more difficult.

Here are some simple ways you can set up your own baby gates at home.

Fabric baby gate

Who would have thought that spare cloth could double up to be a baby gate? This simple, yet ingenious idea can help baby proof doorways, staircases, everything, as size is no problem.

Simply get a strong, soft cloth and cut it to the size of your doorway or stairway. Then, you can either nail it to the sides of your space, or sew hooks at its ends and attach it in place. Just make sure you place cardboard on the sides where you’re nailing, or the fabric will tear right off. Make sure you know the height of your baby and make the gate high enough so that your baby doesn’t attempt to climb it.

A fabric gate is just a minor deterrence for babies. You are compromising on strength and durability of your baby gate while receiving an inexpensive version. Plus, with the way a fabric baby gate is used, accessing places yourself is difficult, even if you use the method with hooks.

PVC gate

PVC is a very handy material to work by yourself, thus making it easy to make and install.

You can start by buying a PVC sheet at any hardware store. Based on your preferences of a baby gate, cut your sheet and voila! You have your own simple baby gate.

You may either use hinges or simply place your PVC sheet in place, such as between two spindles of a staircase. While attaching hinges, make sure you work very carefully with the screws. PVC does not withstand a lot of pressure, and hence, it is that much harder to attach it to a hinge.

It is better to cover your whole PVC sheet with a cloth and then place it in a doorway or staircase. By using a cloth, you keep your baby away from the somewhat sharp edges at the corners of your PVC sheet.

Much like the fabric baby gate, you can easily fix PVC sheets in usual places by cutting or bending accordingly. Again, accessibility is an issue.

PVC pipe gate

Another way of using PVC to build a baby gate yourself is by using PVC pipes, though you may need a lot of them.

Simply cut lengths of PVC pipes. Cut 4 or 5 pipes to act as wickets for your baby gate. Cut two more to act as your gate’s ends. Cut small PVC pipes to act as holders for your baby gate and attach the corner pieces. Connect your PVC pipes to each other by using PVC Tees or PVC elbows. Use screws or nails to attach the holders of your PVC pipes to the wall.

While the PVC pipe method is used to seal off an area completely,  you might be able to modify it to become a hinged gate.

Wood baby gate

This is the best DIY baby gate, that is if you have the skills to make one.

To make a wooden baby gate, you will need a good knowledge or wood crafting and tool working. You can start by buying a wood sheet of sufficient thickness and cutting it according to size. Or you can cut smaller sizes and attach them to each other. Yet again, you may make a wicket gate by giving spaces between wooden pieces.

Using hot glue, attach all your desired parts to make the body of your wood gate. Attach hinges on one side. You may attach a lock on the other side.

With a wooden baby gate, design is in your hands. With paints and varnishes, you can make your baby gate look beautiful and add concepts to it. Make sure to apply varnish to smoothen the edges as wooden edges are usually sharp.


With ingenuity, there are no limits to finding material to build your own baby gate. Just make sure you hold your baby gate to good standards of safety.

All About Pressure-Mounted and Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates

All About Pressure-Mounted and Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates

Babies need constant supervision especially if they are trying to learn how to crawl and walk. They are capable of accessing more locations than you might think, and plenty of these spots can pose real danger to a child. Areas like the stairs and the kitchen are hotbeds for accidents so it is crucial that you childproof your home. One great way to childproof your home is to use baby gates.

The baby gate blocks children’s access to dangerous areas of the home. These gates can be mounted momentarily or semi-permanently, based on the model. The gate stretches all over the doorway or between 2 walls. It creates a wall that will block toddlers from going inside the protected area. These gates are usually approximately 30 inches high however you can look at taller models.

The gate is often adjustable so it can keep up with the growth of the toddler. Taller gates like those that are roughly 4 feet high often include a door that older individuals can get through but cannot be accessed by a child.

Parents might want to get a baby gate that provides more space for children to crawl in or a gate that prevents access to particular locations. Purchasing a gate will be based on the total amount of vulnerable items that are that kept around the house or if the home includes staircases. Several known brands like Kidco manufacture quality, dependable baby gates that are versatile and provide ample protection. These gates can be employed in any place around the house.

There are two types of baby gates: the pressure-mounted gate and the hardware-mounted.


The pressure-mounted gate is made up of two components. The spring or any kind of tensioner compresses the two components of the gate to the wall. This setup typically functions well but can be pulled down or knocked over by a bigger child. A pressure-mounted gate can section off areas on the same floor, however, even models with a good design will eventually slacken over time.

A playful child could break them so it is better if this kind of gate is not used for stairs. These gates are usually accompanied by a warning that notifies parents of this risk, however, several individuals are working on having this warning taken off on a number of gates that pass a particular pressure rating.


The hardware-mounted kind is fastened straight into the wall using mounting brackets. This kind of baby gate often includes a door so adults can pass through. They are manufactured in a way that the whole assembly can be easily disengaged if required.

The gate will only swing open in a single direction which is important if you plan on installing the gate on the stairs. Even though the majority of these gates are composed of wooden material, plenty of models are also crafted from aluminum and iron.

Back in the day, the accordion gate was used by many parents to protect their children from certain areas around the house. They feature two lengthy segments of wood and have diamond shaped openings. They were used until the mid-80s until parents complained about safety issues. Companies stopped manufacturing the gate and eventually created new, safer designs.

Baby gates for kids are one of the most important items that parents can provide their child and the home. They can safeguard children from domestic dangers and it also lets parents do their own thing around the house from cooking to household chores without needing to constantly keep an eye.

Children are playful, curious creatures so they are always discovering and exploring new things and activities. It is the parents’ duty to guarantee that their kids are safe at all times and make the home childproof.

Avoid Accidents by Making Use of a Baby Gate

Avoid Accidents by Making Use of a Baby Gate

If you have a baby who is learning how to crawl or walk, the home has plenty of spots where it can pose dangers to a child. One of the most accident-prone locations for toddlers is the stairs, followed by the bathroom and kitchen. Because of this, it is crucial that you section off certain parts of the house to prevent the probability of accidents. Majority of parents employ the use of one or several baby gates to maintain safety around the house.

Closing the door is the easiest method to keep toddlers away from certain spots, but this is not possible all the time especially in areas like the kitchen, which are often not designed with a door. These sorts of spots are good candidates for the setting up of a baby gate since it is likely to prevent children from going inside those areas, but will still grant access to adults or pets.

There are several different types of gates being sold these days but for most parents, the hardware-mounted kind is the popular choice. This gate is physically secured to the wall by means of a mounting plate and screws. But they are typically built in a way that the gate can be disengaged momentarily if required. Several models even swing open like a door.

The baby gate is employed in homes to keep toddlers from going to a variety of locations in a house or building. There are two types of baby gates, the pressure gate, and the aforementioned hardware-mounted gate. The pressure gate does not need any installation and instead depends on an item like a spring which acts as a tensioner. It fixes the gate between two solid surfaces. For the best baby gates for stairs, the hardware-mounted one is the better option.

Even the most high-end pressure gates will eventually give way since bigger kids are capable of knocking over or drawing the gates. The pressure gate is ideal for preventing access to locations that are on the same level, however, they are not recommended for stairs. The hardware-mounted or simply hardware gate is more ideal for safeguarding the stairs.

Majority of hardware gates are designed and built to swing open like a door and as for the stairs, it is essential that the gate swings away from the steps of the stairs to further protect children from accidents.

Majority of baby gates are built from wooden material but there are also metal and plastic models available. Wooden gates should not have rough parts that can break the skin or cause scratches. The gate should also be free from sharp corners or edges, and this includes materials from wood down to metal.

Plenty of individuals actually remember baby gates that are designed like an accordion from their childhood days. This kind of gate can be opened and shut like the musical instrument and it includes holes that have diamond shapes located in the center.

The topmost edge of the gate meanders with the open V parts all the way down the length of the top. This particular design had choking and trapping risks so the accordion gate was never produced again.

Parents should guarantee that the gate should not have gaps that exceed 2.5 inches between its slats so toddlers are not able to stick their heads between them. The gate should also be free from spots that could snag children’s clothing.

Even though the tension gate is not recommended for use on stairs, this kind is still the go to choice for some parents. The hardware-mounted gate is more dependable but keep in mind that you have to check on the mounting every so often to guarantee that the gate’s parts did not slacken.

Gates are employed in a myriad of homes and it does a helpful good turn for all parents. However, remember that it is always crucial to not exclusively depend on the safety of those gates. To safeguard the stairs, make sure that you have those hardware mounted models secured on them at all times until your child is big enough to look out for their own safety.