How to Make Your Own Baby Gate

How to Make Your Own Baby Gate

With the joy of seeing your toddler walk or crawl on their own comes the problem of securing dangerous areas where they might wander. The job of baby proofing your home is no simple job.

Despite being small in size, babies are loaded with energy, and any mediocre barrier in their way of playful freedom may means nothing. The first step of baby proofing begins with installing baby gates to prevent accident from happening to your little one.

While most worried parents are scrambling around baby shops to purchase baby gates, most of them don’t realize that there are various methods of installing DIY baby gates around your house.

The biggest problem with manufactured baby gates is that it might be hard to find a baby gate that exactly fits into the space where you want it installed. A baby gate that fits a doorway will not fit the larger space at the entrance of a staircase, leave alone the fact that some homes have larger doorways. If your home has a double doorway, finding a ready-made baby gate becomes even more difficult.

Here are some simple ways you can set up your own baby gates at home.

Fabric baby gate

Who would have thought that spare cloth could double up to be a baby gate? This simple, yet ingenious idea can help baby proof doorways, staircases, everything, as size is no problem.

Simply get a strong, soft cloth and cut it to the size of your doorway or stairway. Then, you can either nail it to the sides of your space, or sew hooks at its ends and attach it in place. Just make sure you place cardboard on the sides where you’re nailing, or the fabric will tear right off. Make sure you know the height of your baby and make the gate high enough so that your baby doesn’t attempt to climb it.

A fabric gate is just a minor deterrence for babies. You are compromising on strength and durability of your baby gate while receiving an inexpensive version. Plus, with the way a fabric baby gate is used, accessing places yourself is difficult, even if you use the method with hooks.

PVC gate

PVC is a very handy material to work by yourself, thus making it easy to make and install.

You can start by buying a PVC sheet at any hardware store. Based on your preferences of a baby gate, cut your sheet and voila! You have your own simple baby gate.

You may either use hinges or simply place your PVC sheet in place, such as between two spindles of a staircase. While attaching hinges, make sure you work very carefully with the screws. PVC does not withstand a lot of pressure, and hence, it is that much harder to attach it to a hinge.

It is better to cover your whole PVC sheet with a cloth and then place it in a doorway or staircase. By using a cloth, you keep your baby away from the somewhat sharp edges at the corners of your PVC sheet.

Much like the fabric baby gate, you can easily fix PVC sheets in usual places by cutting or bending accordingly. Again, accessibility is an issue.

PVC pipe gate

Another way of using PVC to build a baby gate yourself is by using PVC pipes, though you may need a lot of them.

Simply cut lengths of PVC pipes. Cut 4 or 5 pipes to act as wickets for your baby gate. Cut two more to act as your gate’s ends. Cut small PVC pipes to act as holders for your baby gate and attach the corner pieces. Connect your PVC pipes to each other by using PVC Tees or PVC elbows. Use screws or nails to attach the holders of your PVC pipes to the wall.

While the PVC pipe method is used to seal off an area completely,  you might be able to modify it to become a hinged gate.

Wood baby gate

This is the best DIY baby gate, that is if you have the skills to make one.

To make a wooden baby gate, you will need a good knowledge or wood crafting and tool working. You can start by buying a wood sheet of sufficient thickness and cutting it according to size. Or you can cut smaller sizes and attach them to each other. Yet again, you may make a wicket gate by giving spaces between wooden pieces.

Using hot glue, attach all your desired parts to make the body of your wood gate. Attach hinges on one side. You may attach a lock on the other side.

With a wooden baby gate, design is in your hands. With paints and varnishes, you can make your baby gate look beautiful and add concepts to it. Make sure to apply varnish to smoothen the edges as wooden edges are usually sharp.


With ingenuity, there are no limits to finding material to build your own baby gate. Just make sure you hold your baby gate to good standards of safety.

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