North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate Review

North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate Review

Babies who are starting to crawl or walk will feel safer and secure if a baby gate is mounted around riskier parts of the house. There are certain areas of the house that need a barrier to prevent babies and toddlers from getting into accidents like the stairs, kitchen, fireplace and bathroom. To avoid these accidents, a baby gate should be installed around these areas.

For this review, we are going to tackle both the good and bad points of North Gates’ Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate. Let us see whether this product fares well with customers.


  • Can adjust to suit openings up to 30-inches high and 29.5-38.75 inches wide.
  • Can extend up to 38.5 inches wide
  • Includes 2 extensions
  • Durable metal build
  • Ideal for both children and pets
  • Includes triple locking system
  • Can be opened with one hand
  • Does not require assembly


The purpose of a baby gate is to maintain safety and keep children or pets away from certain parts of the house. The Supergate model from North Gates includes features that are innovative and intended to meet reliable safety standards.

The unit includes a self-closing door that closes itself mechanically each time an individual passes through the gate. It makes getting in and out of the gate convenient since you won’t have to be concerned about securing the door if you are in a hurry. The model is also adjustable so it is capable of fitting in several openings.

It will fit openings up to 30-inches high and 29.5-38.75 inches wide. It can be extended up to 38.5 inches as well. To further expand the gate, you can employ extensions included in the package. There are two extensions in all. The joints of the gate allow users to extend and adjust the gate in the form they prefer, and the procedures will not even entail adding or taking away the bars.

Setup is also easy model since it already includes all of the hardware required to mount it. Furthermore, it has a template that is designed to direct users to securely mount the item. On the other hand, you can remove the hardware in case you want to move the item to a new location. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the mounting and disassembly make the item versatile.

The gate is equipped with a triple locking system that any baby or toddler would have a challenging time unlocking. To further enhance safety and security, the unit also includes a childproof latch positioned at every end of the gate. These safety items are there to safeguard your child or prevent your pet from accessing restricted areas, adults can otherwise easily open and close it using just one hand.

The gate has a durable, strong build due to its heavy-duty structure and metal material. The understated bronze finish will also complement your home’s furnishings and will not clash with it. Customers who were satisfied with the item agreed that the unit is easy to use and assemble and durable.


While the unit has accumulated positive feedback from satisfied customers, there were customers who complained that the baby gate can be quite noisy. The noise comes from the gate when it closes. However, for many customers, the noise only proves that the gate has locked itself safely in position.


The North States Supergate is a reliable baby gate that includes innovative features and provides parents the assurance that their child will stay protected at all times.

It has an all-metal construction which makes it extra durable and sturdy. Its matte bronze finish is stylish as well and will complement most home interiors. Indeed, this is a good buy for something reasonably-priced. A must if you are looking for a completely functional yet chic baby gate.

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