Summer Infant Wood & Metal Decorative Five Foot Mounted Pressure Gate Review

Summer Infant Wood & Metal Decorative Five Foot Mounted Pressure Gate Review

If you’re on the lookout for a baby gate, you should give some serious consideration to the Summer Infant baby gate. The main reason the Summer Infant baby gate trumps others in its league by a large margin is that it is a powerful combination of durability, ease of use and most of all, beauty. And we’re not stressing the “beauty” part enough.

With an oak wooden gate held together by black or bronze-colored finished metal, the looks of the gate are designer level. It is this dual material and color of the gate that lets it fight inconspicuously among any type of home interior design.

Summer Infant Wood & Metal Decorative Five Foot Mounted Pressure Gate is not all about looks either. It provides a great safety standard, well-designed looks and a sturdy gate makes sure to keep your baby where he’s supposed to be. The height is 32” and the arched wooden gate will make sure that your baby will never be able to climb over it.

The baby gate will satisfactorily fit in almost all doorways, entrances of staircases or other passages. Adults can easily open and lock the baby gate using a single hand, and the baby gate will open in both directions.


  • Side supports are made of metal
  • The main gate is made of wood
  • 32” tall gate
  • Has a width of 36-60”
  • Door opens in either direction
  • Pressure-mounted baby gate
  • Very lightweight weighing only 21 pounds
  • 12-month warranty on purchase


  • Very beautiful to look at
  • Can fit a wide range of spaces between 36-60 inches
  • Is pressure mounted and hence is easy to affix and remove
  • Easy one-handed open and close operation
  • Very durable
  • High-quality material is used. Wood used is oak.
  • Doesn’t fall off easily like other pressure-mounted gates
  • Locking system ensures baby can never open it


  • Leaves pressure marks on the wall
  • Room for passing through is a little too small


As the gate is pressure mounted, you can fix the gate quite easily within minutes without any use of tools or external help. While cleaning your home or moving furniture etc., you can remove the gate from where it is just as easily. No assembly, no screws or nails, no fretting.

With a pressure-mounted gate comes the inevitable problem of finding pressure marks on your walls. This problem can be eliminated by purchasing wall guards or wall savers/wall pads and fixing them in between your baby gate and your walls.

One big drawback of buying the Summer Infant baby gate is the room it gives to pass through. Despite the gate being wider than its predecessors by the same company, people of larger sizes will find it difficult to pass through the gate. Carrying something through the gate will also become a problem. However, how often will you need to carry something through the gate?


There is a plethora of baby gates behind this Summer Infant baby gate in quality and a couple ahead. The quality of the baby gate, its durability and its ability to withstand huge forces, despite being a baby gate, already puts it ahead of almost all hardware mounted baby gates.

You can purchase the inverse version of this gate by the same company if your décor requires it. In the inverse version, the passing gate is made of metal and the other of wood. The gate is of the same standard and quality. Where gates by other companies are concerned, the Summer Infant Deco Wood trumps gates from companies such as Cardinal, EZ-Fit, and Regalo.

A gate of comparable quality is the North States Supergate. While the North States Supergate fails to compare in the looks department, it allows a lot of space to pass through the gate. So, you might want to narrow down your options to these two and choose further based on your preferences.


The Summer Infant Wood & Metal Decorative Five Foot Mounted Pressure Gate is a great purchase in almost all cases. However, if you require a baby gate that gives more space to pass through, or if you’re short on budget, choosing other gates will become an inevitable necessity for you.

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