The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate Review

The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate Review

What is the function of a door or a gate? The answer is simple—it provides security; the gate or door itself promises to guard you against danger. Here the reference is made to full-length doors or gates.

Now the question is what does a gate that reaches just below your waist do for you. The answer is that it secures your mind. If you are an adult with the constant responsibility to police over living things that are about three-and-a-half feet high, then the installation of a baby gate is a must.

Who can install the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate?

  • Parents with toddlers, ideally to be kept safe from falls down the stairs, or away from dangerous areas till the child is old enough to understand instructions and move around without constant adult supervision
  • For people with pets. Like children, pets too need constant monitoring and you may need to monitor their movement from time to time


  • The product is made of metal
  • It is bronze in color
  • It has an arch walk through
  • It weighs about 24.5 pounds
  • It has the provision to be used for extra-wide spaces with extensions
  • 36” tall (archway). Otherwise evenly 33” tall
  • Ideally, 44” wide, can stretch up to 72”
  • The base has a soft anti-scratch guard that will prevent marks from forming on the floor
  • Is operational with one hand
  • Not pressure mounted
  • The door opens more than 90°
  • Can withstand weight up to 200 pounds


  • It is extremely sturdy and can withstand weights up to 200 pounds. Thus excellent for people with large dogs
  • Has the provision to be extended for larger places
  • It is easy to install even though it requires screws to mount on the wall
  • It is operational with one hand
  • The design is attractive and blends well with contemporary homes
  • Great for both children and pets
  • Easily available both online and at stores near you


  • The metal tends to rust eventually
  • The gate does not open to 180° only to a little over 90°
  • It is not pressure mounted. Thus you will need to screw it into your walls
  • It will stretch to a maximum of 72 inches and not beyond that
  • The latch may be a little tight to operate initially
  • It needs to be maintained well for it to be long lasting to prevent it from falling apart


There are a number of gates that are available on the market today. What you really need to need to do is check your needs, s there are three main options available today:  wall-mounted gates, pressure-mounted gates and retractable gates.

The Summer Infant metal Expansion Gate is a wall-mounted gate, and it needs to be held up against the wall with screws. Another product that is very similar to this is the North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate. This is gate has an arch as well.

This is very similar to the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, the additional feature that this gate has is that it allows the gate to stay open and not automatically shut. When the gate is not in use, the gate can be pulled back and retracted.

Another gate that is available and similar to the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate is the Safety 1st Decor Easy Install Tall & Wide Gate. This gate has the additional feature of a visual color indicator to show correct installation. This does not have an arch, thus the height is even all over. However, it comes without extensions, which makes it not good for wide spaces.


The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate is one of the most highly rated baby gates available on the market today. When you devote your life to raising children or caring for pets, it is important to see to their safety and security at all times.

The function of the baby gate is to prevent the child or pet from wandering off into places that could be of potential danger. The fact that the gate needs to be mounted with screws on the wall makes the gate stronger and sturdier. The appearance is classy and it looks elegant with all interior styles.

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